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Stupedia is a state of the art student management software. It helps schools manage complex functions such as fees, results, attendance, library, events, timetable, notifications, transport, online examination, hostel, etc. The Stupedia App is a revolutionary mobile/tablet communication tool. It connects the teachers with the parents. The application ensures that parents are up to date with the information from the school with attention to every detail about their ward. This of course keeps the parents informed, happy and impressed.

The main pain area for all educationalists is the communication with parents. Parents in their busy life will never find time to check out the academic progress of their ward. We come up with a nice and an affordable solution for the same.

For the schools, where there is an existing ERP, we have build up such a flexible solution so that staffs would find it easy to manage the students. Parents and teachers can communicate directly through the app.

The app provides push notification for the absent hours and failed subjects. This helps mainly those parents who are abroad. The parents can always keep track of the performance of their ward, even though they are abroad.

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